General timeline for notification of grant recipients

University of Wisconsin (UW) four year campuses identify and send list of all students who meet FFWS eligibility criteria to Higher Educational Aids Board (HEAB).

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End of September
HEAB randomly selects grant recipients.

Early October
Notification to students indicating selection.

Students accept grants and reply to FFWS.

End of October–Early November
FFWS notifies school of students’ grants. FFWS sends money to schools for students.

Accepting and Maintaining Grants

Recipients of FFWS grants must verify their eligibility, acknowledge and accept the grants, and consent to data sharing among the FFWS, the student’s college or university, the Department of Public Instruction and the State of Wisconsin Higher Educational Aids Board by signing his or her acceptance by the date indicated. Recipient students are enrolled in the FFWS secure, recipient information system on this web site. Students need to maintain eligibility requirements for FFWS grants, including, among other things, continuous enrollment on a full-time basis. School financial aid offices will help grant recipients with annual renewals of FFWS grants. In the event that a FFWS grant recipient transfers to another school that is participating in the grant program (University of Wisconsin campuses and Wisconsin Technical Colleges), renewals may be continued, but the recipient must contact the FFWS office to continue to be eligible. Students may continue to receive Fund for Wisconsin Scholars grants for up to ten semesters (maximum of six semesters at a UW college or WTCS institution) if eligibility is maintained, adequate academic progress is being made (as determined by federal financial aid criteria), degree or diploma completion is expected and schools continue to follow the process. Once a recipient receives a degree, the FFWS grant will terminate.