sky and students

The Fund for Wisconsin Scholars provides grants that open the door to a better world, helping ensure that higher education is accessible and affordable, and that degree completion is achieved. We provide need-based grants* to recent graduates of Wisconsin public high schools. Grants are 'gift' aid; they do not have to be repaid.

There is no application process. FFWS recipients are randomly selected from a group of eligible students.

To be initially eligible, one must:

  • be a resident of Wisconsin
  • have been a full-time, resident student in a Wisconsin public school for four semesters prior to graduation
  • have received a Wisconsin public high school diploma or HSED within the past three years
  • be under the age of 21 years at initial eligibility
  • be in a first degree program unless moving from an associate degree to a bachelor’s program
  • be enrolled full time in a UW System university based in Wisconsin
  • be a PELL recipient
  • have remaining unmet financial need

Students may continue to receive FFWS grants for up to ten semesters if:

  • student’s college enrollment at a UW college or university or WTCS college is full time and continuous
  • enrollment does not exceed six semesters in a WTCS or a UW college
  • adequate academic progress is being made with degree completion expected
  • student’s school continues to follow the grant process
  • FAFSA is completed
  • student has remaining unmet need

*Eligibility for need-based grants is determined using the data from the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The FAFSA may be filled out and submitted online at Paper copies of the FAFSA are available from college and university financial aid offices and high school guidance offices.